Purchasing Mark’s Photography

Mark Conti is a photographer of forests and figures, of portraits and the poetry of the human figure, of cityscapes and landscapes, and with each click of the camera, his depth of emotion is transferred from the lens to the printed image.

Most images on this website are available for purchase from the artist. All prints are executed in strictly limited editions not to exceed 6/6 in any of the available sizes, which are also limited. Prints are made by the artist using archival inks and the finest quality museum grade papers, and signed below the image on the face of the print.

If you are interested in acquiring one of the photographs, please use the contact page to email the artist.


Typical image aspect ratios and sizes are listed below. Other sizes may be available upon request.

Square Image

6” x 6” / 12” x 12” / 22” x 22”

3 x 2 image (typical 35mm aspect ratio)

6” x 9” / 17” x 11.3” / 22” x 14.6”

2 x 1 image (a “panorama” shape)

10” x 5” / 17”x 8.5” / 22” x 11”